Friday, May 28, 2010

Spending Time with the Steins

Kru and I have had a busy, fun week. We had the pleasure of spending time with the Stein Family on Wednesday. Between all of their family activities and our family activities, time to just hang out with one another is sparse! So when it does happen, we thoroughly enjoy it. I had so much fun photographing Mr. Cade. He is at such a great age (6 months) to photograph. I especially like the picture where Cade is looking to his right with the sweet smile. That sweet smile was just for his momma.

While I was snapping some fun pictures of him, Miss Laney slowly made her way into the photos. Before I knew it, she was doing pose after pose as I snapped away! Ha! Everything that you see of her below is of her own creation. I didn't suggest any poses or direct her in any way. This is simply her own personality shining through. Miss Sadie was not as eager to have her picture taken, but I did manage to sneak one shot of her.

Thanks for having us over Stein Family. We will have to do it again soon! :)


  1. pretty precious kids!!! Sounds like you all had fun! great pics!

  2. I absolutely LOVE these! We had a lot of fun with you guys too!! :) Love ya!!