Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A few things you have missed

So here are a few things you have missed since the last time I blogged.

Mia's 2nd Birthday

Mia turned two on February 15th. We celebrated by having a fun little party for her at Andy and Naomi's house.

The cake

Kru sliding.

Sweet Millie.

Mia the rock star.

The birthday girl.



During one of our many (can you believe it?) snows, we headed to Wilson Park for some sledding fun.

Crazy Wyatt.

Avery and Bella ready for take-off.

Kru and his snow boots.

Andy and Bella getting some air.

Bella, Andy and A.J.

Uncle Matt and Bella.

Typical brothers.

Three cousins.

Building a snowman

Noah, Wyatt and I also managed to build a life-size snowman at my parents house.

The boys terrorizing Frosty.

Showing Frosty some love.

Noah Turns Nine!

On February 22nd Noah turned nine! We celebrated with a skating party at Roller City in Springdale. It was great because we had the whole rink to ourselves!

Roller City.

Blowing out the candles.

Bulls Basketball 2010

Noah and Wyatt both played basketball this year. Matt was able to coach both the first and third grade Bulls teams. Noah and Wyatt were even able to play one game together when Noah's team only had two players show up for the game. Wyatt volunteered to play on the third grade team so that they didn't have to forfeit.

Notice they are both #7.

Noah scoring two points.

Wyatt in action.

Noah hustling after the ball.


Cousin Bella spent the night with us for the first time in March. They talked me into letting them paint their faces.

Wyatt and Bella working on their masterpiece.

Sweet Bella.

I am not sure who is enjoying this more.

Our Darth Maul.

The final results.

Don't worry Kru got in on the painting action too.

Hanging Out with Cousin Hadden

Since Kru and Hadden are only three months apart in age, they are BIG buddies.


Best cousins.

Bulls Basketball Party

After the basketball season ended, we hosted a party for both the first and third grade Bulls basketball teams at Jump Zone in Bentonville. The boys had a great time running, jumping and attacking Coach Matt. The party was complete with a giant cookie and trophies for all of the players.

Giant cookie.

Matt and Kru sliding.

Noah with his trophy.

The huddle.



Tulsa Zoo

If you have never been to the Tulsa Zoo, I highly recommend it! It is close to us, and it is a great zoo. Now is a great time to attend since the weather is not too hot. This was Kru's first trip (and Noah and Wyatt's no telling how manyth trip!), and he enjoyed it immensely. He just kicked back in his stroller and pointed at animals all day long. We joke that Noah can communicate with animals. I'm telling you, he has a natural gift for it. On this particular trip, he even got the lion to roar! If you have never heard a lion roar, it is something you must experience in person to be able to grasp the magnitude of.

"Rattle, rattle"

My goofballs.

Laid back eating cheese its.


Did I mention that they are silly?

Checking out the penguins.

FLASHBACK: Wyatt and Noah checking out the penguins in 2006.

Pink flamingo.



All of my boys :)

Seniors 2010

I have had the pleasure of photographing a great group of seniors this year. Congratulations Seniors 2010!






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