Monday, April 26, 2010

Watch Where You Step

I don't know if I have mentioned it before, but we live close to the park. Walking distance, actually. However, in order to get there, you must walk through a field that belongs to our neighbors and then climb over their fence. Luckily they don't mind that we do this. In fact, they even mow it with their super cool, super fast lawn mower just for us and our fellow neighbors who also access the park just this way. This is very convenient for me when I have a photo shoot because the park has some really great spots to take pictures. I just walk over, meet my clients, and walk home when we are finished. Ta da! Easy peasy. Not so much.

On Thursday, I had planned to meet J.R. and Denisa at the park for their engagement photo session. I view taking photos as very similar to other sports and events, you need to psych yourself up for it. Get in the "mode" so to speak. Just like one would do before a big game or a big triathlon (huh, Pinky?). So, here I am camera bag full of equipment in hand, moseying on over to the park, silently psyching myself up for this shoot. Now let me tell you, I was really giving myself a great pep talk. Complete with all the best locations to try, lighting tips to remember, well, you get the idea. Just as I was about to take my next step, and continue aforementioned pep talk, I just happened to glance down. And that is when I saw this. Look closely...

Here, let me zoom in a bit for you...

Oh, and did I mention that I was wearing flip flops? When I realized that it was a snake that I was about to step right in the middle of, I quickly altered my step mid-air and was able to jump over it. That was quickly followed by a "I just almost stepped on a snake" dance. You should have seen my moves.

It took me a while to recover from that. Actually, if you were to ask my husband, I am sure he would say that I still haven't recovered from it. I am currently convinced that there is probably a snake in our garage due to the fact that a couple of days before my snake incident Matt had left the garage door open over-night to let it air out. Did I mention that my washer and dryer are located in the garage? I am very skittish while I am doing the laundry. I am also convinced that the snake could easily be in our back yard. Come on, it was only a stones throw away from our backyard when I saw it AND it was facing our direction. I am telling you, when it slithered away (which I didn't stay around to witness) I am sure it slithered into our backyard.

I shared my story with Noah and Wyatt. They laughed at me. But I also pointed out the possibility of the snake being in our backyard. That is what responsible parents do, right? Make their children aware of the dangers lurking around, so that they are prepared in case they are ever forced to face one of those dangers. Now they no longer want to play in the backyard. They don't even want to run the short distance to climb up on the trampoline and bounce. Kru also wonders around the house yelling "Nake! Nake!". I don't think Matt is too happy about me passing on my paranoia.

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  1. Wondering how that photo seesion went...I HATE snakes and am like you. I have actually had a baby snake in my home!!! I was freaking out with Michael in class on the phone...I was not poisonous, but I don't care...I don't want to see, feel, or even know there is a snake around. EEEEEK! I'm so glad you didn't step on makes me cringe!